Festival de Gramado em Paris



September 21, 2018 - Embassy of Brazil – Paris

The ALAP - Latin American Advertising Association, with more than 30 years in Porto Alegre, is a public utility entity, with social rights linked to Culture, Education and Art. The ALAP publishes and promulgates this Regulation, which will govern the Project and Social Propaganda Awards, at the request of the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), which in March 2004 signed an agreement with ARI – Associação Riograndense de Imprensa to make ALAP aware of Agencies of Advertising in Latin America and the Caribbean to disseminate, through the media, Projects and Social Propaganda.

The Rooster of Gramado has been the official award for Brazilian propaganda since its first edition in Gramado in June 1975. In Paris, the Rooster of Gramado is a Franco-Brazilian award


- The 2nd Extra Edition of the Gramado Festival in Paris will award Project and Social Propaganda in the Media: Print (magazines and newspapers), Eletronic (Cinema / TV and Radio), Outdoor Ads and Web.

- In each Medium, the social advertising piece that obtains the highest number of points, is awarded with the Rooster of Gramado Paris (Eiffel Tower with the Rooster on top).

- The second and third place of each Medium (Print - magazines and newspapers, Eletronic - Cinema / TV and Radio, Outdoor Ads and Web). Will becon decorated with the Certificate of Honorable Mention.


- Only Projects and Advertising can be enrolled in a paid form at R$ 400,00 per unit. Subscriptions for free (one unit in each media) must be by Advertising, Design or Digital Agencies and the submission of the pieces will be accepted from March 1 to August 31, 2018 through the site: www.alap.com.br.

- The sending of paid Social Projects and Propaganda must be done in the sites ALAP ( www.alap.com.br); Instituto do Câncer Infantil ( www.ici.ong) and Instituto da Criança com Diabetes ( www.icdrs.org.br) until August 31, accompanied by an informative advertisement, which is the Project or Social Propaganda, The sending free Project or Social Propaganda to the Advertising Agencies must be sent by letter ( alap@terra.com.br) to the General Secretariat of the ALAP requesting the registration and stating in the text the acceptance of the conditions of Regulation which are in the site www.alap.com.br

- Advertising pieces of projects and social propaganda published or aired between January 2017 and August 2018 can be presented to the Gramado-Paris Rooster awardsand other trophies.


- Print media and Outdoor: the works must be converted and sent in JPEG format.

- Cinema / TV, commercials should be sent in MPEG format.

- Radio: Maximum length of 1 (one) minute, sent through the site.

- Web ads: Should be sent only through a link / URL to access the work online (it can’t be an address protected by passwords).


- Culture / Education: Book, Photography, Sculpture and Artistic Shows

- Art: Music, Talents and Creative Artists

- Health: Childhood Cancer, Diabetes, Eye Fund, Breast Cancer, etc.

- Diversity: Equality, Valuing the Elderly in Society, Drug Prevention. Promotion of Freedom of the Press, Public and Political Ads.

- Tourism: Ecological, Adventure, Destination, Events, Paleontology, Business and others promotions that generate Advertising


- Environment - Environmental Sustainability: Climate, Nature, Wildlife, Water, Flora and the humanized photo contest "Do not Let My River Die".

The winner in this category will receive the Rooster of Gramado Paris, the Amazon Trophy, Jose Lutzenberger Trophy and Quero-Quero Trophy (bird symbol of Rio Grande do Sul state).

PS - Part of the value of entries in Projects and Social Propaganda is transferred to Instituto Hesíodo Andrade, Instituto de Câncer Infantil and Instituto da Criança com Diabetes, pioneering social projects recognized by the World Health Organization and awarded Hors-Concours in the Extra Edition of Gramado Festival in Paris on September 21 at the Brazilian Embassy.


- The works will be judged ON LINE by a jury formed by renowned professionals of the communication industry, who will make their evaluations individually on September 11, 12 and 13 at www.alap.com.br.

- The judgment of the entries will be online and the Curator (mediator) will examine the registered material and will have the power to disqualify the part of the Project or Social Propaganda that does not comply with this regulation. The President of the Jury will decide when there is a tie in the vote.

- The decisions of the Jury or the Curator of the Jury will not be appealed.

06. General Provisions

Participants agree to authorize the use of their images, voice and names in films, videos, photos and posters, advertisements in newspapers and magazines to publicize their participation and / or contemplation in this Contest, at no cost to ALAP and its members. partners;

For all legal purposes, the participants in this cultural contest declare that they are the legitimate authors of the works registered and guarantee their originality, being responsible and exempting ALAP from any claim or demand that may be filed in court or out of court relating to infringement of copyright;

At the time of registration, candidates will expressly authorize ALAP and / or the sponsoring institution to use the works registered in any media, print or electronic, and exhibit them in exhibitions, seminars, congresses, etc , for non-commercial purposes;

Participation in this contest implies the total and unrestricted acceptance of all the items of this regulation.

The registration forms and proof of deposit or bank transfer (identified) of the total sum of the fees (if this is the form chosen for payment) should be sent by e-mail to alap@terra.com.br

Payment: The payment of the registration will be made directly on the Festival website at www.alap.com.br. The proof of payment must be sent by e-mail to alap@terra.com.br at the time of registration. Individual piece: R$ 400,00 (four hundred reais).